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For a growing number of Victorians, resolving disputes with their electricity supplier is getting easier thanks to new rules for apartments and shopping complexes, caravan parks and retirement villages.

From July 1 2018, residents and tenants of sites where electricity is supplied through a private electricity network – known as an embedded network – will have access for the first time to:

a new online register telling them who their supplier is, and who to complain to if there’s a problem
help from the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) if they can’t resolve their dispute.
Essential Services Commission chair Ron Ben-David says until now, these customers simply haven’t had the same protection as other customers.

“Until now, these private embedded network operators haven’t been subject to the same kind of rules as licensed energy retailers and distributors.

“With the rapid growth of apartments we need to ensure all customers have access to similar protection, regardless of where they live.

More than 850 embedded network operators have signed on to the register since it went live in May. The commission is also processing hundreds more applications and expects that number to grow rapidly over the coming weeks and months.

Dr Ben-David says customers of private networks can go online to see if their provider has registered.

“The register is available through the commission’s website and if you don’t see your provider, you can confidentially let us know and we can follow up,” he said.

To find out more visit the electricity licensing exemptions page.