RMS Utilities provide a dependable embedded network service that embedded network owners and customers can trust alike.

Today, RMS Utilities supply leading-edge embedded network hardware and software solutions to more than 2000 commercial and residential embedded networks across 6 countries. Managing a portfolio that comprises of more than 10,000 gate meter accounts servicing over 20million m² retail, commercial and industrial gross lettable area, RMS Utilities have the competency and capacity to service any embedded network owner effectively regardless of complexitites.

Our 15 years of hands-on experience for a large number and wide array of clients has forged our deep understanding of the processes, complexities, challenges and risks associated with accurate measurement, collection and accounting for all utility costs and consumption. Being a specialised technologically savvy service provider we continuously invest in system and technology enhancements. 

 Our “in-the-trenches” attitude, experience and insight into every aspect of embedded network management pulses through the expert know-how and can-do attitudes of our people.