High tech solutions combined with technical know-how provide optimised outputs.

An honest and transparent approach towards the management of your embedded network ensure optimised recovery from your asset. Technical excellence is at the core of our service and all function revolves around the thorough technical understanding of the site-specific complexities.

The RMS Group has been designing, developing and enhancing our industry specific software since 2006, allowing better recovery and accounting of consumption within embedded networks. Complex common area and Air Conditioning allocations, including extended hours trading, is part of the service offered to our client at very competitive fees.

Detailed reporting through our interactive dashboard ensure our clients are informed about the performance of their embedded network and our management. Detailed reporting and transparency allow our engineering team to identify and rectify any embedded network performance related issues while keeping our clients informed.
Our solutions
Our embedded network management service can be tailored to include any of the following elements:  


Cold Water

Hot Water


Specialised common area recoveries

Out of hours trading – accurate consumption allocation

Our Services
RMS Utilities supply expertise to help you to solve any of these  embedded network challenges

Embedded network design

Brownfield conversions

Metering solutions and upgrades

Embedded network performance audits

Alternative energy generation

Electric car charging solutions

Battery technologies

Demand management

Energy efficiency