Financial Hardship Policy


RMS Utilities understand that on occasion a residential customer may experience financial difficulties resulting in the consumer not able to pay their outstanding amount as originally agreed upon. Electricity is an essential service for a dwelling and financial hardship should not be the reason for an interruption of your electricity supply when consumers are willing to continue paying their bills on more flexible terms.

If you are a residential customer purchasing electricity for personal or household use at the address specified in our contract to supply electricity and experience financial hardship unable to pay your bill, please contact RMS Utilities who will assist you with support and options during this time. Our friendly staff will respectfully assist you to create a suitable payment plan and offer advice to help you reduce your consumption.

Our friendly Customer Support team can be contacted weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Phone: 1300 938 051 Email: Website:


Where a customer contacts RMS Utilities directly and indicates that they are experiencing financial difficulties in relation to an outstanding bill payment, RMS Utilities will endeavour to make an immediate assessment regarding financial difficulties but in order to do this it requires information regarding the personal circumstances of the customer which includes:

* Employment status

* Income

* Dynamic of household/number of dependants

* How much the customer can afford to pay

* Other financial commitments


If you are identified as being in financial hardship and you demonstrate your willingness to participate in a process to manage your utility debt, our team will assist in creating a payment solution to assist you in your financial position. As part of the participation in the RMS financial hardship assistance program you would need to agree to a payment plan, be it temporary or ongoing, to manage current and future electricity bills.

Part of the mutually agreed payment plan will include payment milestones that will be monitored by the RMS Utilities team and communicated back to you on a regular basis.

Monitoring the milestones will assist you to make payments as agreed. Whilst on the RMS financial hardship assistance plan your electricity will not be disconnected by RMS Utilities nor will we action any debt collections or debit your account with late payment fees.

Solutions created for customers experiencing financial hardship are tailored to assist the customer to get “back on their feet” and may include extensions to payment due dates, flexible payments, Centrepay and assistance to help you reduce your electricity consumption.

Centrepay is a free voluntary bill paying service. Deductions come from your Centrelink payments and can be used to pay many types of bills, such as child care, electricity bills or rent. Details can be found here:

We are all humans and all of us have experienced some sort of financial difficulty before, talking and working with the RMS Utilities team will ensure your electricity stays connected whilst participating in the RMS financial hardship assistance pla